Hourly Rental $40

This option for renting Owego Street Makery’s venue space is ideal for an individual or business who only needs it for a short period of time, less than a half day. It is perfect for entities looking for a space to hold short counseling sessions or therapy groups, for example. Maybe an offsite meeting would prove motivating and inspirational for your staff or clients! If you are a photographer or film maker looking for a unique destination, look no further! .

There is a two hour minimum on this rental.

Half-day Rental $175

This option is great for entities that would like the space longer than the two hour minimum, but don’t need the venue for the entire day.

There is a 5 hour limit on this rental.

Daily Rental $300

This daily rental is given consideration for personal configuration. Possibilities for a daily rental may be a small wedding reception, or family reunion. Our half acre property borders a city park that has a playground, baseball fields, and a splash pad! There are large amounts of green spaces for tents if necessary, and additions to this daily rental are possible for added seating rental, catering arrangements, or available in-house marketing and media packages for your event.

Contact us for a custom quote.

Business Lease

This lease is negotiable per use. This option is perfect for small business owners looking for a venue to teach 1 to 2 hour classes in! Monthly, 6 month, and 1 year options available. We have a shared calendar here at OSM, and first come will be first served! The calendar will fill up fast, so if you would like to secure a spot on the calendar and make OSM your business’ brick and mortar home, book now!

This option includes marketing through all of OSM’s calendars and social media channels. We will put you on the map!! Call us today to discuss how we can serve you!