A Place to Make.

If you are a self-starter who’s familiar with how to run woodworking tools and you just lack space or the right tools to create, this is the place for you! Maybe woodworking isn’t your craft, but you need clean dust free working space to layout materials or work on a project. Our main level event space boasts large work surfaces to do just that! With your membership to OSM, you get:

  • Full access to Owego Street Makery during business hours.

  • Use of the shared classroom. Maybe you would like to meet with a client, but you work out of your home. This is a great place to make a professional impression!

  • Special pricing when renting the venue for your private event.

  • Special rates utilizing the Makery Market.

  • Coffee is always free and hot here and as a member, you get to bring in your own coffee mug and store it in it's own cubby in the entry hall! Stop in any time to collaborate with other members. Or take a break from the daily grind, pour yourself a cup, and just shoot the bull while you watch what others are up to! We also have a great community library and comfy couches in the lounge so you can flip through idea books and make a plan for your next project.

  • Woodshop access. We have every tool you’ll need to get that project completed! If you’re an experienced woodworker looking for access to a shop that will help you be more efficient, look no further.

  • Access to an extensive stock of hardware and materials. I pride myself on being really good at picking up great deals on large lots of screws, nuts, bolts, cabinet hardware, hinges, drawer slides, etc. Estate sales, barn sales, and picks from estates constantly keep the shelves and hundreds of bins here full of the things you’ll need for your projects! Chances are, you’ll be able to build what you want here without having to run to the store. Remember Cortland Hardware? How great that place was? It’s a lot like that here! I keep all kinds of rare and unique stock that someone may be able to use!

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